Rachelle Van Zanten

Randy Bachman - November 3, 2018

Her Christmas project is a fresh new look at a very familiar topic........Christmas......but instead of the same old, same old, she brings new songs and ideas to the Christmas party and makes it a unique experience. The songs are very real and very touching in the heart. Really great stories, lyrics and mind pictures. You can't just listen to this music once, it needs many repeat performances and it will grow on you....like it has on me.

CBC Daybreak North- Carolina Deryk- October 30, 2018

“Joni Mitchell gave us her Christmas classic, ‘The River’. And now Rachelle Van Zanten brings home a Christmas waltz I will be dancing to for years to come.”

Music Vice- December 13, 2013

What's more inspiring about a musician with a flawless voice and an astonishing slide guitar talent? One that uses all of that for the good of their own through environmental concern...
Rachelle van Zanten was exceptionally incredible and not a surprise that she was listed as Canada's "best slide guitarist" by musician Randy Bachman...
I have the utmost respect for female musicians who use music and their lyrics to fight for causes, in van Zanten's perspective, singing about the Tahltan women's fight for the Sacred Headwaters in Northern B.C.
You felt the cry and power van Zanten brought to her performance as she poured her heart and soul out in every song.
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Mojo Junction- October 2013

From the moment you hit play, the rich dimension of this record is deeply engaging. Kicking off with title track 'Oh Mother', Rachelle's signature smoky vocals are intimately revealing about her emotions around her mother's recent passing. Lyrically on this record, Rachelle's openness is incredibly compelling. It feels like she is whispering and weaving her insightful life stories into your ear to warm your heart...Continue Reading

Edmonton Journal- August 8, 2013

"Oh Mother, the title of Rachelle van Zanten’s new album, is a testament to the maternal ecstasy and agony that’s dominated her world these last two years. In October 2011, the former Edmontonian became a first-time mother..."
Take a read here.

The Georgia Straight- December 10, 2009

"The former Painting Daisies member from Burns Lake delivers 10 rootsy odes to the wonders of nature and our fragile environment. She also plays a pretty mean guitar."

The Georgia Straight- Oct. 8, 2009

"The roar of a chain saw is audible in the background when Rachelle van Zanten answers her cellphone, but it's not horror-movie mayhem that's causing the racket; the rootsy blues-rocker is working in the bush in Houston, B.C., pruning spruce trees for forest-fire mitigation. From the time she could walk, van Zanten was hiking, running, and riding horseback in the Francois Lake area of northern B.C., and now she spends all her nonmusical time fighting forest fires or working with tree-planting companies, staying as close to nature as possible..." Read it!

Earshot- Sept. 27, 2009

With just her second album, guitarist and singer Rachelle van Zanten is already a veteran of the B.C. roots scene and a regular face on the summer festival circuit. Where Your Garden Grows is a more rock influenced album that her first full length, Back to Francois, but it's still solidly based in the roots. She's not a stranger to rock, having spent four albums as a member of Painting Daisies. Rachelle bounces easily through many different genres, from a straight up blues track to lead off (a love song of sorts, titled “Showerhead”, you figure it out...), into some country/folk territories ('My Country', 'Windmill Hill'), even some First Nations influences (“Black Horse”). All of the various sounds come together in the standout song on the album, “Halo”, which packed a power-pop sound like it was written by Alex Chilton, and the rootsy “Green Eyed Boy”, based around some playful slide guitar and Rachelle's clear-but-mournful voice. Knowing Rachelle, she'll be touring her butt off for this album, so catch her in an open-air stage or murky bar of your choice soon.

Twangville- August 2009

Showerhead, Rachelle Van Zanten (from the RZV Records release Where Your Garden Grows) Canada’s Van Zanten sure can play a mean guitar. What really caught my ear, however, was the confidence and brawn in this track. Mix the rawness of a Lucinda Williams tune with the slide guitar chops of Bonnie Raitt and a touch of Chrissie Hynde attitude and you’ll end up with something like “Showerhead.” Read it!

The Province (CAN)- August 4, 2009

CD of the Week:
Amid the plethora of acceptable, polite singer-songwriter CDs that quickly dull the imagination, van Zanten cuts deeper to emerge as a more rounded personality. "Showerhead" is both bluesy and grimy, a sinewy guitar arriving at the front of the mix from a backdrop of distortion and van Zanten's soulful vocal...

Raised On Indie- July 18, 2009

"Rachelle van Zanten has a strong diverse vocal performance on this guitar centric blues inspired folk rock album. Rachelle also plays the guitar amazingly, which is prominently showcased throughout the album, especially strong and powerful during the first minute and a half of the track Black Horse. The track Halo is the focus track/lead single for the album’s release (you can listen to the track on the left) and it’s a great choice given it’s upbeat catchy arrangements and energetic instrumentation." Read it!

Exclaim Magazine (Can)- July 2009

Former Painting Daisy Rachelle van Zanten amps it up on her second solo release. The snarl of dirty blues heard intermittently on her 2006 solo debut, Back To Francois, takes centre stage on her new collection, ten tight tracks featuring her searing, ever-improving slide guitar work. From the glorious yowl of opening track "Showerhead," van Zanten is a fiercer creature this time around. There's no hint of the sunny bluegrass featured prominently on her debut. Even her quieter tracks are buzzing with feedback, electronic loops and grimy guitar fuzz. Everything's a little fraught in van Zanten's Garden. Native chants lend atmosphere, at times, and the light ping of keyboards occasionally offers a little relief from the tension. Highlights, though tough to choose, include the nicely galloping "Figure It Out" and "My Country," an ode to the beleaguered Skeena Watershed. (Independent)

Edmonton Sun- July 16, 2009

Fast Trucks- by Mike Ross


Accompanying herself on guitar...Van Zanten played a few tunes from her brand new album, Where Your Garden Grows, as well as stuff she did while living in Edmonton. Aside from demonstrating perfect folkie "cred" and a voice that's only improved over time (and over adventures in Europe and elsewhere), she showed another side of herself last night -- as a pretty decent slide guitar player.

It takes a lot of guts to do that when you're opening for Derek Trucks.

The Edmonton Journal- March 7, 2009

"Where Your Garden Grows is a charged but controlled set of muscular, progressive, roots-rock pieces that project even more confidence than her impressive solo debut, Back to Francois."

Relix Magazine (USA)- February 2009

...Canadian songstress and slide guitarist Rachelle van Zanten, whose raw melange of blues, folk, Americana and serious guitar-shredding is currently shaking up an
audience of its own. Her sophomore album, Where Your Garden Grows, features an eclectic batch of personal, straight-from-the heart lyrics highlighted by intricate string and rhythm arrangements that should find a home in the ears of rock and roll junkies everywhere. With self-reflective lyrics to rival Lucinda Williams and riffs that recall '70s rock, van Zanten, "I put all of me onto this
record. It's honest, and I think that's what people are going to like
about it the most." by Jennifer Klein Read it!

BC Musicians Magazine- December 2008

"RVZ is on fire with this her second solo release Where Your Garden Grows. From the moment the needle hits the record and a crunchy guitar wraps around you like a corset, it's obvious that this record is a winner.
One might think that there are several musical personalities living inside this Rachelle Van Zanten girl, yet all of them share a penchant for songwriting. Her ability to pen lyrics both personal and political in nature . . .("and now there's trouble here, in a land so far away. Where all the dark suits make the rules from a thousand miles away. I've seen your future here, I've read the history. You make your money grow while killing my country . . .",) is as on point as her guitar tone(s) and hooky riffs.
Where Your Garden Grows slides the listener deftly up and down the guitar neck while also rooting you in place with the deep pulsing kick. The solid and melodic bass lines create a bedrock foundation strong enough to support the ridiculously heavy guitar riffs she delivers. Rachelle Van Zanten should be awarded a degree in musical architecture.
The combination of well-crafted songs with the bang up mixing skills of Tchad Blake (Paul Simon, Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam) and production talents of Joby Baker, is sure to secure Rachelle Van Zanten the well deserved title of rock star and a seat at the head table."

Fatea Magazine (UK)- February 2008

"With a new album on the horizon, it was good fortune that someone recently slipped me a copy of Rachelle Van Zanten's debut album, "Back To Francois. Formerly in Painting Daisies, Rachelle struck out on a solo furrow despite knowing that female slide guitar players have to be twice the quality for half the recognition and that's before they say,'by the way I write and sing my own songs.' One song, "Half Pint", pays tribute to he bluegrass roots, but that apart this is totally underpined by blues. Van Zanten has set a bench mark for her next album and it's a high one. Personally I can't wait."

Classic Rock Society- Dec/Jan '08

She abandons her bluegrass roots in favor of a bluesy approach...her prowess as a guitarist is plainly obvious...an excellent debut. by Steve Ward

Tidings Magazine (CAN)- Dec/Jan Issue

Contemporary with the traditional roots, never forgetting where you come from-holds true for both Rachelle's music and the wines of Col d'Orcis winemaker Pablo Harri. Simply expressing in the bottle what the land and Mother Nature have given him, Harri's Rosso is elegant with lovely cherry and dark-plum favours with just a touch of earthiness. Medium bodied with a silky mouthfeel and a longlasting finish. Honest, sincere and from the heart...both Rachelle and the wine. by Gurvinder Bhatia Link

HD (Swedish Newspaper)-December 18, 2007

"Back to Francois" listed as #3 top album of 2007 right underneath Lucinda Williams (West) and Rickie Lee Jones (Sermon on Exposition Boulevard)! Check it for yourself!

Blues Matters Magazine (UK)- Oct./Nov. Issue

"A Personal Touch to the Blues". Check out this edition for Alan Harvey's EXTENSIVE interview with Rachelle.

Properganda Magazine (UK)- Sept/Oct 2007 Issue

"Her outstanding slide and finger picking techniques are showcased throughout but never to the extent that her superb and varied song writing is overshadowed.
Back to Francois is a fantastic debut that never allows a sense of complacency, an album that's been a long time coming and hints of greater things to come."

Nightshift Magazine (UK)- October, 2007

"We approach Rachelle Van Zanten with a little
caution. That is an acoustic guitar and a distinctive
country lilt we can hear after all. Just as we're
deciding to move on, she breaks out some of the
most spine-tingling blues slide guitar we've ever
heard. It's guttural and primal and dripping in
grime. We absolute love it."

NWT.se - September 17, 2007

"Burns like bumblebee queen...Rachelle van Zanten plays with her instrument like it was an extension of her own body...She creates songs that swing between heavy blues riffs
and fragile melodies with poetic lyrics and irresistible phrases." by Anna SimmsRead it!

Groove Magazine (SE)- September 3, 2007

"Not only is she a great singer/songwriter but also one hell of a slide player...this is music that grows even more when it is live...she enters the stage and starts out full on with her own mix of blues rock and folk." Read

Tages Spiegel (Berlin)- Sept. 1, 2007

Boogie, Blues, Rock'n' Roll. The Farmer's Daughter from British Columbia has it all, inescapably Led Zeppelin. Van Zanten works more natively, genuinly, with much charm and humor. And it has also still another lyrical side, with a slope to Joni Mitchells "Blue" - phase. She is engaged in environmental awareness with a strong voice. A discovery. H.P. Daniels Read.

The Westmorland Gazette (Kendal, UK)- May 21, 2007

As well as attracting iconic females from art forms across the whole creative spectrum to Kendal, the Brewery's Women's Arts International Festival has introduced artistes previously unknown to some.

For me, it was Canadian Rachelle van Zanten and what a buzz she created.

With an exquisite voice and guitar-playing skills to match, she charmed the pants off the Brewery Arts Centre's audience, sharing the bill with one of the UK's finest singer-songwriters, Angie Palmer.
Rachelle explained how hearing Led Zeppelin 2 changed her life after being brought up on gospel and country music.
And that Plant, Page, Bonham and Jones influence, mixed with her penchant for penning a stirring tune, is what makes her music stand out and should propel her right to the very top.
What struck me about Rachelle most was when she slipped the bottleneck on to her finger, cranked up her acoustic guitar and rocked, she was in a different league altogether.
Replacing the more mellow country and folky side of her extraordinary talent, with a more commanding funky blues riff-laden Rachelle, which, not only added an extra dimension and texture to her own performance but brought to the fore, the powerhouse pairing of drummer Ged Lynch and bass Hamish Tesco.

Making Music Webzine(UK)- March, 20 2007

Rachelle VanZanten is a charismatic Canadian accomplished performer - her first offering on CD which she is busy promoting across Europe and beyond really does not do her live act justice. The polished production of the studio gloss is replaced by her raw talent and edge on stage. A fine guitarist with more than enough panache with a slide is equalled only by her exquisite voice. The blend of her effortless vocal and superb guitar technique is born from over 250 live shows and her interaction with the local audience adds to her presence as a brilliant entertainer...
As a musician there are few better. Rachelle has a feeling and sympathy for both her instrument and her material and mixes them together perfectly. The title track of of CD is performed with mixture of clean and dirty vocal sounds and her array of open tunings for her guitar style added even more colour and texture to her sound. Read it!

Cutting Edge Voices- March 2007

Check out full interview with Rachelle...www.cuttingedgevoices.com

Arbetarbladet (Gavle, SE)- March 11, 2007

Rachelle van Zanten playes Slides Guitar in a way that, if it was a competition, no one would dare to go on stage after her...she sings about the world’s dirty water and about her best friend... in a way that is so convincing, so heavy, so cool, and sometimes so fragile. Read it!

Muzic.se- March 4, 2007

With her special slide sound she becomes a bright star in folk rock heaven..like Joan Baez "RVZ" uses her music to spread her message..."Back to Francois" keeps growing the more you play it.. Read

Groove Magazine (Sweden)

"Excuse me Mark Knopfler and Brian May but i've found a new guitar hero...It's been a long time since I have listened to a record that has this kind of quality all the way through..." Read it.

NYA Wermlands-Tidningen (Sweden)- Feb.16, 2007

4/5 stars
A dream come true...I have fallen for the Canadian songwriter with heartaching, good songs. 'Back to Francois' is both mellow and beautiful. The boys leave the girls alone in the rehearsal room and far away from dangerous hormones and they will come out as sensual guitar heroes.

Oslopuls (Norway)- Feb. 6, 2007

5/6 stars
"Definately a lady to follow...a fresh and exciting musical talent from Canada..." Read

Ostlendingen (Norway)- February 6, 2007

5/6 stars
"Magnificant solo debut...she is the best when she does the country blues...Down to California is a song that Lucinda Williams wished she would have wrote...quality from Canada" Read

Edmonton Journal- Dec. 31, 2006

Stellar Year For Edmonton Roots Music by Peter North
...at the top of our order is slide guitarist/singer-songwriter Rachelle van Zanten, who was rocking the free world with musicians from North America and the British Isles. A decade of touring with the Painting Daisies defined dues paying. Now the payoff is coming her way as audiences, critics and peers respond enthusiastically to solo shows that find her fusing numerous influences. Sitting with a spring recording date in India with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and about to put the finishing touches on an album recently cut in England, 2007 should push van Zanten's profile up to an even loftier plateau. Read

Repeat Fanzine (UK)- December 10, 2006

The Loft- Cambridge, UK
Rachelle Van Zanten is a Canadian singer-songwriter who fearlessly thrashes her guitar like she has balls of steel hidden under her pretty flowing skirt. Flitting between the kind of Southern hick-town blues rock which belongs in some dive far back in the woods and more traditional country moments straight from a homely log cabin up on the mountain, using powerful slide guitar and two boys as a backing band, the audience tonight should be far more captivated than they are (there is the usual ambience of people shouting to make themselves heard over the stunning artist they are just missing). However, for those that were listening, we are rewarded with an inspirational performance from someone wholly deserving of your attention; combining the groove of Ben Harper with the soft personal femininity of Lucinda Williams or Eddi Reader and a friendly stage banter, what you can expect from Ms Van Zanten in simple uncomplicated rock and roll talent. And, as she implores the crowd tonight after introducing her final track: "can I get an amen?" Seriously amazing stuff.

Vue Weekly (Edmonton)- Nov 25, 2006

"As thrilled as she is with her new album, van Zanten is already looking ahead to an impending recording session in the UK with Mick Glossop, who has worked on albums for everyone from Frank Zappa to Lloyd Cole. Van Zanten and Glossop bonded over a shared love of Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadd-Da-Vida" and Glossop invited van Zanten's trio to be the first to record in his brand new recording studio over in England." by Eden MunroRead.

Calgary Sun- Nov 21, 2006

Rachelle van Zanten may groove like Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top, but she's not your typical rock star.
"I'm into healthy living, running on trails, hanging out with my dog and going fishing in my canoe. Read it baby...

FFwrd Magazine- Nov 26, 2006

"Best known for her efforts with the rock quartet Painting Daisies, Rachelle van Zanten has come a long way from her bluegrass upbringing in the foothills of northern British Columbia. For over a decade, this Canadian slide guitarist and songwriter has been working out her soulful blues riffs and turning heads in the folk music industry. When the award-winning Painting Daisies dissolved in late 2005, van Zanten seized the opportunity to launch her solo career, recording her "fresh and rootsy" solo debut Back to Francois with producer Joby Baker. Baker has since assumed the role of bass player, accompanying van Zanten on an exhaustive tour that has thrust this up-and-coming artist into the international limelight." Read it!by Christine Leonard

Guitar Player Magazine- October 2006

"After 11 years in the trenches, Canadian slide guitarist Rachelle van Zanten is done with bands. She just released her first solo album, Back to Francois [rachellevanzanten.com], which is packed with funky blues riffs and stellar slide performances. The surprise is that van Zanten juxtaposes her gutsy guitar playing with very personal and introspective lyrics- a stylistic trait she attributes to her diverse influences." by Katie Garibaldi
Read for yourself! Yay!

Music Spectrum (US)- October 23, 2006

"I've seen the Bonnie Raitt comparisons, but that's the easy blueswoman namecheck. Listen as van Zanten gives out bursts of guitar between stanzas, and you see that she's in the company of Eddie Turner, Kelly Joe Phelps, Jonny Lang, Paul Reddick, and Susan Tedeschi. Van Zanten studied under slide guitar master Lester Quitzau (who guests on "Take Me Right Back" and "Suicide Ride"), but there are also brief acoustic guitar storms where I hear the phenomenal sounds of Preston Reed..." Check it out.

Blues Matters Magazine- October 14, 2006

Live at the Chattery in Swansea, Wales. by Darren Howells
Rachelle's ethereal vocal draws comparisons to the likes of Dido and Alanis Morissette, but whilst those artists suffer from production gluttony and overblown angst, Rachelle benefits from a penchant for rootsy/blues music and the ability to write songs you actually care about... Alternating between solo political folk-songstress and band-backed rockin' Blues chick, Rachelle put on a performance that moved, humoured and wowed... Find the Mag.

KindaMuzik- Take Root Festival- October 7, 2006

Rachelle van Zanten is een van de slechts twee vrouwen op de line-up, maar ze is een bijzonder pittige tante. Je moet niet raar opkijken als de Canadese tijdens een theekransje met Lucinda Williams en Bonnie Raitt een fles whisky boven tafel haalt. De soundtrack die daar bij hoort, kan er uiteraard maar een zijn: de blues en niets anders dan de blues. Van Zanten klinkt allesbehalve braaf. Een vervormd stemgeluid en een heerlijk gemene sound vullen de grote zaal. Het duurt dan ook niet lang voordat het publiek aan haar voeten ligt. Toch knap van een dame die naar eigen zeggen haar inspiratie haalt uit Oisterbeek en pannenkoeken. (MD)
Rachelle van Zanten is one of the only two women in the line-up of
bands but she is a pretty tough lady. If she would be drinking a nice cup
of tea with Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt, you should not wonder if
she would put a bottle of whisky on the table. The soundtrack which
belongs to that scene can only be one: blues and nothing but the blues. Van Zanten's sound is nothing but nice. A deformed voicesound and a nice mean
(guitare) sound spreads along the big venue(hall). It is no surprice that
after a few minutes the audience is lying at her feet. Really a good job
for someone who gets her inspiration out of Oisterbeek and pancakes.

Viva Street (France)- Sept. 9, 2006

"Sa musique resolument moderne puise pourtant ses racines dans la folk, le bluegrass et le blues. Rachelle se situe donc entre le slide de Ben Harper, Chris Whitley ou John Butler, le minimalisme post rock des White Stripes et la melancolie de Neil Young ou Cat Power, tout ceci avec l'elegance d'une jeune Emmylou Harris..."

CDStarts.de Kritik- September 2006

"Traumhaftes Gitarren-Picking und stimmungsvolle, groovige Drums markieren anhand von "Take Me Right Back" den ersten Hohepunkt des Longplayers. Verzerrte E-Gitarren und naturlich die Slide-Gitarre werden mit dem vereinnahmenden, leicht psychedelisch ausufernden Gesang Rachelle Van Zantens verziert und sorgen fur pragnante Songwriting-Momente, die in der funfminutigen Extended-Version am besten zu bestaunen sind. Melancholisch und im poppigen Folk geerdet ist das von zarten Streichern unterstutzte und wunderbar leidenschaftliche "I Will Be Numb", das entspannt zuruckgelehnt wohlig den Horer erreicht. Anders dagegen das folgende "Suicide Ride": Dem Titel entsprechend schwimmt es in dunklen Gewassern, um neben entruckten Gitarren-Jams durch zuruckgenommene, spielerische Melodien fur Hoffnungsschimmer zu sorgen..." Read

Ottawa Citizen-August 19, 2006

"For those of you who like surprises and discoveries with your festival experience, you could do worse than to check out Rachelle van Zanten. Simply put, this woman is the total package. A fabulous musician on keyboards and guitar, particularily on acoustic and electric slide guitar, a great voice and a strong songwriter with excellent pop and rock sensibilities. The material on this solo debut ranges from the stark January , to the nonsense songalong Yah Yahs, to the countryish Down to California, with harmonies from Mae Moore that make the tune sound like those great old Emmylou Harris- Linda Ronstadt duets. But the highlight of the session is undoubtedly the rocky Take Me Right Back, a workout with her mentor slide sensation Lester Quitzau, that'll get you up and jumping..." by Norm Provencher

Ottawa X-Press- August 17, 2006

"...Determined to take it the next step further, this year van Zanten branched out and struck a resplendent roots chord of her own with Back to Francois- an alternatively sweet and savage solo effort wherein she finds a more expressive balance between spitfire brawn and stark beauty..." by Steve Baylin

Stave Magazine- Summer 2006 Issue

"Rachelle van Zanten is a yet another Canadian with the kind of musical muscle that spits in the eye of American musical arrogance. This is gritty, poppy, bluesy, slide laden guitar work with catchy tunes and comfy vocals..."Read for yourself.

The Calgary Herald- August 5, 2006

"Girl school of rock: Teen girls taught to harness their inner guitar goddess" Read it.

The Record- Kitchener, ON- June 9, 2006

"While there are plenty of good female singer-songwriters around in Canada right now, few have the guitar playing chops that van Zanten possesses. She draws frequent comparisons to Bonnie Raitt, but also some of the the big boys like Jimmy Page and Little Feat's Lowell George." by Jason Schneider
Read entire article.

Americana UK- June 6, 2006

Rachelle Van Zanten - Who is she? Another talented Albertan singer and guitarist at home with rootsy slide stomps and delicate picking that's who. Promoter Oliver saw her set at SXSW recently and persuaded her to fit his SXSC version in on the way home from her Holland and Germany tour. He was impressed, he wasn't wrong. My first sighting was a girl in the pub toting a huge pack back holding a toothbrush. 3 hours later she was stomping her way through a fantastic set of grinding slide riffs on songs like Take Me Right Back and her "German pop hit" the rootsy wordless Yah Yahs laced with impressive delicate fretwork on tunes like The Cracks, Rusty Boy and Dirty Water. Rachelle mentioned missing her band, but built up a considerable rhythm solo. A fine singer and an engaging, likable stage presence, happy to banter and discuss touring delights: cycling in Germany, arriving at a train station to find a Nazi riot in progress, Druids in Glastonbury and Oliver's big rented amp only being on 1 and 11 probably resulting in her death by feedback. Did she really just tour Europe carrying a backpack, 2 guitars and a box of CDs on planes, trains and buses? She's clearly doing things her way. She needed that box of CDs too - quite a queue at the end. She say's she’ll be back with the band soon, really, don't miss her, she's great, she's gonna need more CDs!
for yourself.

Mid Hampshire Observer- May 31, 2006

"At the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas in March, she brought the house down at a showcase with twenty other acts. Playing the meanest slide guitar of the weekend, she came across like a mixture of Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin." by Oliver Gray

Tonenburg - May 25, 2006

Welt umspannendes Doppel (3.30MB PDF Article)

TAH Holzminden- Mai 14, 2006

Und sie kommen immer gerne wieder...
...Rachelle van Zanten..., die mit ihrer warmen Stimme und ihrem virtuosen Spiel auf der Steelguitar auf einen wunderbaren Konzertabend einstimmte. Mal Blues, mal Folk, ein Hauch von Rock - diese junge Frau macht ehrliche, bodenständige Musik, die aus dem Herzen kommt und genau dort trifft. Es gibt nicht viele Frauen, die die Steelguitar wie sie beherrschen, daher liegen Vergleiche mit Michelle Shocked nicht fern...
Rachelle van Zanten started off a wonderful concert evening with her warm voice and her virtuous performance on her steel guitar. Some blues, some folk and a touch of rock - this young woman plays honest, down to earth music which comes straight from the heart and that´s where it hits. There are not very many women around that can master the steel guitar like she can, therefore a comparison to Michelle Shocked is obvious.

Neue Westfaelische- Mai 13, 2006

Welt umspannendes Doppel
..Musikalisch war die Nachfahrin hollandisch Einwanderer die Uberraschung des Abends. Das erste Mal auf Deutschland-Tournee, stand die Kanadierin ganz allein auf der Buhne and spielte eine Blues-Gitarre, dass einem schwindig werden konnte... Auf der Buhne strahlt Rachelle van Zanten so viel Frische und Naturalich keit aus, dass man ihr ohne weitres zutraut, dass sie nach einen Konzert die Gitarre in die Ecke stellt, sich Gummistiefel anzieht und zum Kuhemelken in die Stall geht... by Von Burkhard Battran

Cowichan Newsleader- April 26, 2006

"Two for the Show: Maybe its the limitless expanse of sky that wraps around the landscape like a giant snow globe that serves to keep you grounded because, although folks in the Prairies appreciate virtuosity, they don't cotton to showboating. So you get musicians like Rachelle van Zanten playing dazzling slide guitar blues with supreme musical confidence and absolutely no attitude or ego.
And when it comes to that other stuff, well, let me tell you buddy, as a former long-haired rock aficionado I've seen my fair share of lightning-fast players during my long strange trip from the Prairies to the Coast.
Still, I had to shake my head in wonder at the buzz saw guitar riffs this young woman peeled off with effortless elan at the Duncan Garage Showroom during a rare solo escape from her regular gig as axewoman extraordinaire for Edmonton based "heavy petal" band Painting Daisies."

Where Magazine (Ottawa)- April 21, 2006

"Guitar wiz van Zanten, who draws inspiration from the likes of Angus Young and Jimmy Page, snagged a prize among 4,000 other entries to win the CBC's Great Canadian Music Dream contest for her tune 'Walking Home Lately'. "

KindaMuzik- Modern Muziekblad (Netherlands)- March 27, 2006

"...Intussen schuift de ene na de andere act voorbij in Headhunters. Po’Girl overtuigt, maar de Meat Purveyors zijn pas echt een feest om te zien. Ten slotte valt Rachelle van Zanten op. Ze oogt als een singer/songwriter, maar op het podium haalt ze de gemeenste klanken uit haar slidegitaar. Erg indrukwekkend."
"...Meanwhile one after the other act comes by in Headhunters. PoGirl is convincing, but the Meat Purveyors are a real feast to look at. At the end Rachelle van Zanten stands out. She looks like a singer/songwriter, but on stage she produces the meanest sounds out of her slide guitar. Very
" (tekst: Maurice Dielemans, Han Orsel en Ronald Besemer en SXSW 2006)
full story

The Globe and Mail- March 2006

In Pictures- Check it out here.

Red Cat News (Vancouver Record Store)- March 26, 2006

SXSW- "This Hootenanny attracted pretty much every Canadian with a twang to their music or a
train song in their heart (and some who just wanted to rock). Po'Girl, Christine Fellows, Luke Doucet, Novillero, Leeroy Stagger, SarahHarmer, The Leather Uppers, Run Chico Run... but there were more,
lots more.The Hootenanny also featured my single favourite moment of SXSW. Now before I go further, I want to say I saw a lot of good stuff, but in pretty much every case, I knew what to expect, and got what I was expecting. In this case, I was taken by surprise. Rachelle Van Zanten hails from Whitehorse or Dawson City or somewhere like that, and when I saw this pretty girl get up on stage with her acoustic guitar and her hippie dress and her washed in rainwater complexion, well, let's just
say I was expecting something very specific. What I got was some of the wickedest, balls to the wall, slide guitar rock its ever been my pleasure to hear. I was dumbfounded."

The Dallas (TX) Observer- March 23, 2006

"Out of the hungry masses, a few relative unknowns made amazing impressions through the week that might turn anything into profit sometime soon...Plenty of great up-and-comers deserve mention; some we saw (Elliott Brood, Rachelle van Zanten, Peter and the Wolf, Aloha, Phosphorescent, Dr. Dog), many we didn't (Serena Maneesh, Envelopes)." My SXSW (Austin, Texas)- By Sam Machkovech

Times Colonist- November 24, 2005

"She's a die hard rocker who admires the gut-thudding crunch of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Two years ago her song, Walking Home Lately, topped 4,000 other entries to win CBC's Great Canadian Music Dream contest." by Adrian Chamberlain full story

See Magazine- September 20, 2005

"...punishing slide guitar that would make Jimmy Page blush..."

Edmonton Journal- June 8, 2005

"Coping with rock world on women's terms" by Peter North

Why waste a perfectly good night of insomnia on infomercials or tepid reruns when you can use that unscheduled time to let creative juices flow uninterrupted?
That's exactly how local roots-rocker Rachelle van Zanten spent a few hours in the middles of a restless winter's night.
The idea that came to her in lightening bolt fashion was to organize a week's worth of seminars, lectures and workshops that would educate young women on the do's and dont's in the world of rock music....
Workshops on singing and playing techniques, booking and producing shows, and how to find the right manager or agent are a few of the structured sessions in the camp that will run July 4 through the 8...
"We want to touch on all aspects of the music business that took me 20 years to learn (I am only 28!), "quipped the guitarist, singer and songwriter...

See Magazine- June 9, 2005

Rock Around the Clock- by Tom Murray
"Little sisters are doing it for themselves, with a helping hand from their big sisters. Local singer, songwriter, and slide guitarist Rachelle van Zanten is preparing for the first season of Rocker Girl Camp, a four day intensive workshop for young girls interested in playing music..."
full story

St. Albert Gazette- June 2, 2005

"And Rachelle van Zanten is an amazing slide guitar player. She's got a wild, heavy percussive sound. It's a mix of heavy metal and edgy acoustic rock."

Vue Weekly- July 2004

By Jenny Feniak

"Wed, July 21- The Painting Daisies are coming home for a very special show to send their guitarist, Rachelle Van Zanten, into the heart of the Rockies. The women are paring down their usual rock show into a jazzy showcase of 13 new songs to accommodate the small digs at the Sugarbowl. Both the cover charge and a portion of the drink sales will help defray the $1,600 entrance fee it'll cost both Van Zanten and her riding partner Brent Ruelling to enter the Trans Rockies mountain bike race in August. "I needed something really big to put my mind on this summer," says Van Zanten who started biking after playing basketball for the U of A with her band mate Daisy Blue Groff, "and I saw this write-up in a bike magazine about how this is supposed to be the hardest mountain bike race in the world and I thought, 'Hey, that's a great goal.' I've always been in competitive sports. I needed to fill that void because basketball had consumed my life for so long. I had music, but then I had to get my ya-yas out somehow, so I bought a mountain bike and just fell in love with the sport." The intensive training required for this kind of race would seem to complicate her life as a musician, but Van Zanten says it's done nothing but help. She takes her bike on every tour, and after the long hours in the band's van, a bike ride does wonders for her well-being. "Its so Zen and it's a really great way to release stress," she explains. "I actually went and toured with a metal band [Diggeth] in April and so I brought my road bike in a flight case and pretended I was doing my own little miniature 'Tour de Germany.' It's so inspirational. I went and watched a few international races and saw these chicks with quads the size of my torso. It was awesome." V