Rachelle Van Zanten

Gallery Recording in Victoria

Theresa holding my back door on.
My compadre, Anne Schaefer.
Rick May
Felicity and the moon.
Joby and Rick suss it out.
Driving in
Joby working out a bass part for
Smoked out at the fire.
My first night at the ocean.
Joby's assistant engineer, Melody.
Joby lays down some tabla and udu.
Melody breaks trys out for the trumpet part.
Rick laying down some phat bass.
Rachelle drinking Joby's JD latte.
Joby doing the same.
Sleepy time.
Mandolin tracks for
2 am.
That's a big mic. U'47.
Joby's beautiful camera work.
Trying to tune the tabla for Suicide Ride.
Rick pulls out the stand up.
Laying down the groove.
Melody, Felicity, and Theresa.