Rachelle Van Zanten

Gallery New Tour '06

Rachelle & Ron Rault
Black and White
Headhunter's Party- Austin, TX
Joby and Ang check out the van
Theresa gets stoked
Ang and Nat as chauffeurs
Rick and Joby
The Gang going to IHOP
LONE STAR and rick
Hanging out with Mick Glossop
Joby plays with Carolyn Mark
The trio rock out at Headhunter's, Austin TX
Us again
Me and Chris Martin
Talking up Corb Lund's manager
Will Zimmerman from Shout out out out
The Media Club, Vancouver, B.C.
The Main, Vancouver, B.C.
Engineered Air Theatre- Calgary
Writing a setlist
Sliding on my mom's Guitar.
The Blue Chair
Blue Chair
Blue Chair