Rachelle Van Zanten

Gallery Germany, UK, and France 2007

Wendy McNeill and RVZ with tour bus
Me and my bike in France
On the road in France
Beautiful England
Stralsund, DE
Hanging on the beach in Binz, DE
Northern German Beer
Friedrichsrode, DE
Teepee Time in Kendal, UK
Teepee Time?
Spooky in Germany
Testing wine with Hansi
The British doing what the British do
G and Hamish's wedding
Orange Blossom Festival
Orange Blossom Festival
I Hear the Train a Comin'
I'm just a lonely boy
Spokesperson for EasyJet
Hamish cuts the Cheese
Someone thought I was sexy
Lauchhammer, DE
G and RVZ
They can't spell in the UK