Rachelle Van Zanten

Gallery Back to Europa Yet Again- 2010

JW Show
Opening for Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter show
Converted JW Fan
Cafe August- Karlstad, SE
Cafe August- Karlstad, SE
Jan and Friend- Cafe August
Essam- Hijazz
Loving the Fish at Hijazz
My lion cub
Breakfast at Helena's
Which One is Sweden?
Train down west Coast
Dramatic in Gothenberg.
5 Star Motel- Tivoli
Nilla Singing Like an Angel
5 Star Motel
Gustav & Markus
We LOVE Trains!
Weiners in Bielefeld. MMMmm.
On TV!
Kultur Pavilion- Basel
Set free for a day in the mountains
Cafe del Sol with Dirk and Olaf