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Releasing a new album while lactating

I am doing 80% of the promo for this new album with a baby latched to one breast. Imagine that. I am blessed to have two beautiful children as well as the creative drive to keep penning out these works of wonder. "Little Spruce" is finally coming to the world thanks to my partner in crime, Chris, and my producer, Joby Baker. We somehow managed to record it in our home in Decker Lake amidst diaper changes, nap times, feeding times, and our own naps. Oh my. It was all meant to be after all. More coming soon….

Oh Mother

This album is dedicated to my mother, Diane, who graciously and unconditionally devoted the best of her being to make me the best that I could be. I lost her much too soon but was grateful for the 36 years that I did get. Seven months before she passed on, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Her insight to motherhood was invaluable during this time. For this I will always be grateful.
And I can’t forget Mother Earth. She constantly moves me, shakes me, rolls me, and enlightens me with her surprises. The seeds that I sow turn into splendor that helps us grow. Her rivers and lakes make me smile. Her mountains lift me higher. Her deep valleys challenge me. My spirit is rooted deep into the soil here in the Northwest of British Columbia and so much like the spruce and the pine it is here that I thrive. The album is being shipped out April 29th and then it's time for you to experience the audio joy. Lots of LOVE. Rachelle

Beautiful Baby

Being a mom has been wonderful. I have never been so in love before as I am now with my baby girl. She is a tough little trooper and has managed to melt my heart into a puddle. The next album should be interesting to say the least. I am enjoying my time off the road and out of the studio and am cherishing everyday that is filled with Winnie the Pooh, big smiles, bath time, walks through the bush, and lunch time by the lake. Happy New Year everyone. Hope to see you out there on the scene in 2012. Love Rachelle and Charlie Bee.

Sam Roberts to Tahltan Nation.

Only a month and a bit left to go until I will have a little bundle of joy with me on my epic and not so epic journeys. Just got back from Iskut, B.C. where we danced our faces off to the Andy Louie Band at the Sacred Headwaters Festival. It was a long drive but scenic in all of its majestic beauty. As we drove farther and farther into the mountains I felt a sense of sadness knowing that this incredible wilderness is under siege right now due to its rich resources and potential for quick industrial grabs. I saw Mount Todogan in all its splendor and felt as though I should hold a vigil while traversing the Redchris/Fortune Minerals road. The tipping point is so near. When I close my eyes I can hear the new songs coming. They are mostly laments, pleas from the spirits in the trees for some solution to this mess. This is the last wild frontier. It is hard to take this on while trying to have a peaceful pregnancy. My only hope is that my child grows up with a love and respect for this land that will infect those around he or she. Please check out SPOIL by the talented Trip Jennings. http://vimeo.com/19582018