Rachelle Van Zanten

Rachelle Van Zanten

Rachelle van Zanten

Known for her powerful live performances and equally powerful social activism, Rachelle van Zanten blends socially conscious lyrics with soulful Canadiana grooves in a way that neatly captures the essence of her northern British Columbia origins. "Rachelle van Zanten is our voice, the muse of the North. She writes songs to inspire the wind, give voice to thunder, and fire the hearts of all those fighting to protect the land she loves so dearly."- Wade Davis, National Geographic

Little Spruce, her latest release, is the culmination of more than 20 years writing, recording, performing and touring as a renowned Canadian roots rocker.

For the first decade Rachelle was a member of the award winning Edmonton band Painting Daisies. Making the road their home, Rachelle and her band mates were an all-female group touring the world when it was a thankless task, inspiring and leading countless young women toward rock and roll.

Since the Daisies parted ways more than a decade ago, Rachelle has released three critically acclaimed solo albums and has been a fixture on the International and Canadian roots and festival circuit. Socially conscious yet highly crafted song writing has become her signature. That sense of community continues with Little Spruce.

Perhaps the greatest of Rachelle's achievements to date are the two young daughters she is raising in the same northwestern B.C. back-country where she grew up biking, skiing, hiking, fishing picking morels and joining in on the family jam sessions.

And this brings us to Little Spruce. Produced by long-time studio friend Joby Baker (Alex Cuba, Cowboy Junkies) farm life, bush life, and the perils of preschooler "angst" create 12 inspiring original tunes and a 13th with B.C. song writing legend, Mark Perry.

Rachelle van Zanten's Little Spruce is catchy, quirky, smart, and heart felt, wrapped together with some gnarly slide guitar and intricate acoustic picking. It is the perfect adult friendly children's album.